The Council

Arkengarthdale PC is very much a hands-on entity, with councillors undertaking much of the manual work required with tasks such as memorial bench placing and erection of interpretation boards etc 

Parish and Town Councils form the most local tier of government. They were established by the Local Government Act 1894, and they have had their roles and duties substantially revised by the Local Government Act 1972.


  • Funding is raised via a ‘precept’, which is a sum of money collected by a local authority on its behalf, through council tax. This is then invested back into the local area to improve services and facilities. There are also other ways in which money can be raised, such as grants and loans
  • Parish Councils powers and responsibilities can include:
  • the maintenance and protection of war memorials;
  • the maintenance of rights of way, ponds, ditches, public footpaths and bridle-ways;
  • decision making e.g. where money should be spent, service delivery and policy implementation;
  • monitoring of decision making to ensure efficient and effective services; and
  • local involvement
Town and Parish Councils do not have the power to approve or reject planning applications as they are not planning authorities. They do, however, have to be consulted by the Local Planning Authority as part of the process, and as part of this consultation, they can choose to comment on the planning application.