Useful Information


A warm welcome is extended to visitors and there is some fantastic walking and scenery to be enjoyed, as well as hospitality at our two lovely public houses. However it would be greatly appreciated if some simple courtesies could be observed during your visit.

Walking with your dog
Dog Poo – bag it and bin it! Toxocariasis can cause lambs to abort and be passed via waste to other dogs and people, and even into the soil. All council litter bins now take bagged dog poo.

  • Dogs must be kept under control at heel or better still on a lead around livestock – after all, legally your dog could be shot for disturbing or chasing farm animals.
  • If you are chased by livestock when walking your dog, it is safer to drop a dog's lead and get out of the field.
  • Not everyone likes dogs. Please be considerate and keep your dog on a lead when passing others.
  • Many ground nesting birds are easily disturbed by inquisitive dogs and fly away leaving the nest vulnerable. From March to July use a short lead.
  • The spectacular scenery includes hazards a dog could fall into such as caves, limestone pavement and sink holes. Please keep your dog under control and stick to the paths.
Driving and parking in our dale
As with many of the dales village roads, our roads can be quite narrow with blind summits and bends. Please observe the speed limits and look out for animals on the roads.
  • A car park is provided, please use it where possible. Many elderly residents do not have their own parking and so need to park on the roads outside or near their houses. Please be considerate when parking and if you are unsure please ask. The locals are friendly and will offer advice!
Noise and anti-social behaviour

Visitors often remark on the peace and quiet of our lovely dale. However complaints are sometimes received by the Parish Council concerning noisy behaviour by some visitors to holiday cottages. Please respect our residents way of life by keeping noise levels down to a minimum when staying in a holiday cottage in a residential area, it will be greatly appreciated.